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We determined that we would build the product and our website such that even the least sophisticated visitor could learn for themselves how the system worked and could then take self-led actions to source the creative services they came looking for.

Sounds reasonable

Well, we’ve learned a great deal through the years, and while we have done a spectacular job at building the tools that users want and responding with lightning quickness when they ask for help

Force them to raise their hand

The first problem we had to attack was finding ways to identify among thousands of visitors to the site those that are most probably potential customers.

Like all internet businesses, we know little about a new visitor to the site; we can figure out where in the world they are, we can make some assumptions about their demographics, we can scan to see if their browsers contain any relevant cookies, but other than that we don’t know for sure who they are or why they came.

One way to find out is to do something straightforward: ask them!

To that end, we have implemented tools that, based on behavior, will take a moment to interrupt a visitor to ask them if they are willing to share with us a bit of information. Those that choose to do so are clearly interested enough in our offerings to answer a couple of quick questions and provide us their contact data. Those that aren’t willing are welcome to continue exploring on their own.

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